David Huner

David Huner is a dog lover. Dog training has become a passion for him. With many years of experience he is here to share his tips and ideas. His goal is to provide exact dog training solutions. His favorite quote is "Train your dogs, enjoy your life and be happy"

Are Boxers Good Guard Dogs?

Are Boxers Good Guard Dogs

A guard dog protects property against intruders. They are otherwise named watchdogs. Examples of guard dogs are Dobermans, Boerboel, and Boxers. Guard dogs are highly discerning. They neither attack nor annoy the house. The question is, are boxers good guard dogs? The boxer is a naturally protective dog breed. It …

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5 Ways To Help Your Pet Live A Balanced Life

Help Your Pet Live A Balanced Life

  There are thousands of people every day who do their research in order to start living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The people who understand the purity of this idea begin to make certain life changes that can impact them both physically and mentally. Their aim is wellness, and …

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7 Tips for Hiking with Cats

Tips for Hiking with Cats

You have probably heard about hiking with dogs but do you know it is possible to hike with cats too? Adventure cats will likely get used quickly to hiking than the shy, indoor ones. Perhaps one important step is to ensure that your cat’s vaccination is up to date, the …

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7 Tips for Vacuuming Your Dog Perfectly

Tips for Vacuuming Your Dog Perfectly

If you want to pick up your pet hair effectively, you want to remove the odor and other dirt and debris attached to the dog’s body. Pet dander can be very annoying, and they can be very harmful if someone in the household suffers from allergies. According to experts, what …

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