German Shepherd Husky Mix: A Complete Guide

German Shepherd Husky Mix

The German Shepherd Husky is a mixed dog breed. Another name for this canine is Shepsky. Otherwise, we name them Gerberian Shepsky. The German Shepherd Husky got some astounding qualities from both parents.

What Kind Of Dog Is The German Shepherd Husky Mix

The Shepsky is a blend of Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. The mixed breed is adorable. Also, it is loyal and affectionate. Shepskies are working dogs. These dogs are highly intelligent. Besides these qualities, they are exemplary guards. Shepskies feature in rescue missions. So, they offer assistance to the police and the military. Apartment buildings are not suited to this dog breed. German Shepherd Husky Mix requires rigorous activities. Also, they come with some health issues.


German Shepherd Husky crossbreeding began in the 1990s. The practice probably started in North America. Breeders wished to create a super-hybrid working dog. The demand for Shepskies soared. So, breeders continued to create the mix. Both parents have impressive backgrounds.

The Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies have a long history. They originated from dogs raised by the Chukchi. Chukchis were nomads from North-East Siberia. Siberian Huskies engaged in pulling sleds. Later, the Siberian Husky came into America. It occurred in the early twentieth century.

They are quite loyal to their family members. Also, they are fun and friendly. Besides, these pets are alert and gentle. Huskies are daring, intelligent, and alert. Their temperaments are sometimes opposing.

Although smart, Huskies sometimes exhibit stubbornness. They are free-willed creatures. So, it is cumbersome to train them in most cases. These pets welcome strangers and family alike. Early socialization makes them confident with strangers.

The German Shepherd

A German purchased a shepherd dog in 1899. His name is Max von Stephanitz. Awed by the animal, he bought it instantly. Before this time, German shepherd dogs were unknown. So, Max created his breed registry. His new dog was first on the list.

Other German Shepherd dogs originated from Max’s dog. Afterward, the breed gained popularity. These dogs can learn complex tasks. Also, they assimilate commands quickly and aptly. Motivation usually aids their learning.


German Shepherd Husky Mixes are crossbreed dogs. So, making predictions about their appearance is not easy. Both parents, however, have similar looks. The parent breeds come with straight, erect ears. Also, their eyes are almond-shaped.

Besides, they possess long, sturdy muzzles. These combinations make them look like wolves. Their eyes are sometimes brown or blue. Otherwise, they have one each of both colors. Siberian Huskies look more slender and athletic. The German Shepherd looks broader.


German Shepherd Huskies’ sizes range from medium to large. They mostly weigh about 45 to 88 pounds. Their height is between 20 to 25 inches. Also, some may be smaller or bigger.


Shepskies are active and playful. They are full of life. Shepskies hailed from a long line of working dogs. So, they always strive to be engaged. Their enthusiasm for work is not limited to a particular size. Whether small or large, they remain energetic.

The German Shepherd Husky is a pack dog. So, it needs a leader for guidance. The Husky may try to take over control from you. Anytime this occurs, do not relinquish control to them. Instead, let them know you run the show. Clarify your position with rules. Also, you must maintain consistency in this regard.

You can establish your leadership roles through some actions. One way to achieve this is through feeding. Let your pet know you are in charge of valuables. Items in this regard include food. Others are toys, treats, and other canine assets.

German Shepherd Huskies do not enjoy loneliness. You must never leave them alone for long periods. They thrive on companionship. You also need to engage them mentally. Shepskies are highly intelligent canines. Without enough exercise, they become frustrated and bored. Besides, they may resort to some unacceptable behaviors. Chewing and howling are examples of such acts.

The Shepsky requires early socialization. Owners should expose them to various experiences. Examples of such experiences are sounds and people. Socialize your Shepsky beforehand if you want a well-rounded pet.


People believe that crossbreed dogs generally enjoy better health. They anchor this belief on their increased gene pool. However, Husky pups inherit some ailments from their parents.

The German Shepherd Husky suffers similar health issues as his parents. Generally, they are healthy dogs. However, some are prone to some health problems. Shepkskies typically contract hip dysplasia. Other than this, they suffer patellar luxation and epilepsy.

Ensure that the German Shepherd Husky’s parents are healthy. Check their health before the crossbreeding process. Doing this helps in reducing health issues in pups. Look out for some health issues from the parents. For example, ask to see evidence of eye examinations. Also, look out for hip sores.

Besides, you can overcome health challenges. All you need is a regular check-up by the veterinarian. Also, you must maintain proper health care. Furthermore, feed your pup quality diet.


Just like other dogs, regular check-up of Shepskies is paramount. You can detect health concerns early through this. Besides, you can work on a constant care routine with your vet. These acts will help to keep your dog healthy,

German Shepherd Huskies are prone to obesity. Also, they possess a high level of energy. So, they require regular exercise. Each day, ensure they engage in training for an hour. You can also walk them over vast spaces. You can as well take them to dog parks.

Check your dog’s ears regularly. While checking, watch out for pests and debris. You need to do this daily. Also, clean their ears based on your vet’s recommendations.

Trim Shepskies’ nails routinely. Ensure you trim the nails before they become too long. You can do this one or twice monthly. Ensure that the nails do not make clicking sounds. You can also engage your groomer.

Oral health maintenance is vital. Brush your pet’s teeth daily. Doing this will rid your pet of dental problems. You can also get help from your veterinarian. Your vet can offer better advice on proper brushing of teeth.


Shepskies inherit traits from both parents. So, they have unpredictable temperaments. People assume German Shepherds are aggressive. The dogs had assisted military and police work. However, they are only cautious with strangers. The Siberian Husky is sweet-natured and friendly.

German Shepherds usually bark. The Siberian Husky is more prone to chattering and howling. Their mix can have either or both characteristics. Also, Huskies are prankish and playful. They exhibit naughtiness sometimes. The crossbreed is friendly with other pets, with proper socialization.


Shepsky’s diet should focus on high energy. Besides, meals should focus on your pet’s exercise needs. Consult your veterinarian on proper feeding. Also, a nutritionist can proffer solutions to feeding issues. Dietary needs vary with growth. So, take note of this.

Top on your priority is feeding and exercise. Feed your Shepsky on a low-calorie meal. However, ensure that you give them quality feed. This combination helps to monitor their growth pace.

Also, watch out for your puppy on hard surfaces. Never let them run, play, or jump on such floors. Watch out for this till they become two-year-olds. As puppies, their joints are still developing. While younger, allow them to play on grass. They can also jump, but not on hard surfaces. Jumping increases agility.

Do not over-feed your German Shepherd Husky. Over-indulgence on food increases their weight. Being overweight has some health implications. Over-feeding affects the dog’s joints adversely. So, treats should be minimal. Also, ensure they remain active. Feed them regular meals. Never allow them to eat at all times.

Coat Colour

Shepskies usually have a combination of their parents’ coats. Generally, their coats are a mixture. They appear in brown, black, cream red, white and blue. However, they hardly have solid colors. They usually sport a combination of two colors.


German Shepherd Huskies have long coats. Also, their fur is dense. Shepskies have thick double layers. Their double-layered fleece offers protection against weather elements.

People living with allergies should not keep them. These pets tend to shed more. So, they need regular weekly brushing. Through brushing, oil spreads evenly across its coat. Regular vacuuming also comes in handy. However, your pet’s hair may set between vacuums.

Shepskies enjoy cold weather. One of their parents is the Siberian Husky. The Siberian Husky hails from Russia, a cold region. As a result, Shekpskies can survive chilly weather conditions.

Children and pets

German Shepherd Huskies are good companions of children. Once they are socialized earlier, they get on well with kids. They can act as babysitters. Also, they double as policemen. Shepskies exhibit gentleness and protectiveness. So, children are safe with Shepskies around the home.

However, you must teach kids proper behavior around Shepskies. Adults can supervise interactions between children and the pet. Guidance ensures that kids behave well. Also, monitoring the dog is necessary.

Never leave the dog alone with a child. We can forestall issues like biting through monitoring. Children should not go near the pet while it is eating. Neither should they try to remove the dog’s food. Early socialization with other pets will help too. However, you might need the help of a professional trainer.


Huskies are incredibly intelligent. Also, they possess strong work instincts. So, owners need to involve them in activities. Without adequate exercise, they become bored. Furthermore, they begin to manifest unruly behaviors.

Bored Shepskies may begin digging in your yard. They may as well try to escape. People living in enclosed spaces face this challenge. Also, they may require hours of running. Most Shepskies do not enjoy learning games.

Some Shepskies look more like the German Shepherd. These breeds may love engagement in more obedience training. On the whole, Shepskies thrive on regular exercise. You have to engage them in rigorous activities over their lifetime. Socializing Shepskies as pups will also help immensely.

Is The German Shepherd Husky Mix A Good Family Pet?

German Shepherd Huskies are naturally ambitious. So, they need lots of exercises. You need enough experience before you can adopt them. The Shepsky’s demands may overwhelm you as a novice.

So, you may have to wait a while before adopting them. German Shepherd Husky Mixes are friendly towards kids. Besides, they are unwaveringly loyal. These qualities make them perfect for children.

However, they require a tremendous amount of socialization. Shepskies are guards by instincts. So, they need early socialization. Early socialization will reduce their guard tendency. So, they will not become dangerous around children.

Before adopting a Shepsky, you must prepare adequately. These pets need your commitment to their grooming.

Nurturing A German Shepherd Husky Mix

Raising German Shepherd Husky Mixes is challenging. However, the rewards are tremendous. If you get it right, the nurturing process can be exciting. First-time dog owners may not consider Shepskies. As a Shepsky owner, you have some responsibilities.

You must work on how to cope with puppy biting. Also, potty-training for your pup is essential. You must also observe feeding rules for your pet. Besides these, you need a schedule for bathing the pet.


The German Shepherd Husky Mix is a reliable pet. It is both friendly and loyal. Also, it is an ideal companion in active homes. Shepskies are excellent for training on positive reinforcement. Nonetheless, owners need to beware of specific requirements.

German Shepherd Husky Mixes thrive on exercise. As pups, they require a considerable level of socialization. Besides, owners need to groom them regularly. They as well come with potential health challenges. So, ruminate over the pros and cons. Then, decide whether to go for Shepskies or not.

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